Privacy Policy
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Kite Human Capital Limited has appointed a Data Protection Officer, who ensures that all aspects of data safekeeping is aligned with GDPR requirement. You have the right to request a copy of any information that we hold on you, including requesting it to be deleted in full or amending any part of it. In order to request any change to the information we hold please write to our DPO at the following email

Your information is safe with Kite Human Capital Limited and we comply in full, with all aspect of GDPR. You have the right to access your information at any time by writing to us and we will provide a full record of all information we have on you as well as change any information going forward such as change of address or other relevant information. 

We use cookies to optimise the service that we provide to you, but you have the option of opting out if you want to; please note that opting out of cookies means that you will not gain the most optimised experience from Kite Human Capital Limited and it is recommended to allow cookies.

We will not disclose any of your personal information except where required to do so in order to fulfil the service to you and our customers, or by demand of law enforcement through a court order. We operate a fully secure electronic database safekeeping process and your personal details will be safe with us.

The type of information we keep on you will be limited to the information that you have provided to us, including but not limited to personal and employment details, CV, banking details and copies of certifications. At any time if you would like to have your CV removed from our database you can request so in writing and we will comply within 7 days.

If you are a candidate we will share your information with companies for potential work opportunities. If you are a client, we will share your details with potential workers. We will only share the relevant portion of information and only for the exact purpose of facilitating the provided service. 

Any changes to any part of these terms and conditions or privacy policy will appear clearly at the top of the terms page for a period of 30 days when they commence.

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