Our Beliefs

We're guided by the economic principle of human capital which helps our clients to hire better people and get outstanding returns from investment in recruitment fees.

Not all hires are equal and not all recruitment fees are equal.  It's only the recruitment fees that provide valuable hires that make a worthwhile investment.



Kite's Advantage

To us, effective recruitment is about only accepting good or great, and we’d rather not make a fee for an average hire.

Our clients consistently source and deploy talent better than their competitors. And there’s no bigger competitive advantage from a recruitment supplier than that.


The Science of Better


We leave the conventional approach and conventional results to conventional recruiters.

Our innovations in evaluation, verification and candidate presentation are leading the industry. That's why 92% of Kite Human Capital customers agree they find better candidates through Kite than through anyone else.


Lose the guesswork

Kite clients know exactly who will add value to their business because our award-winning process shows them. Our structured approach and research result in nothing less than a high-quality hire, every time.

This isn’t hiring by numbers. It’s recruitment powered by analysis.

How we do it

We measure your unique challenge.

To gain a true understanding of what your ideal performer looks like, we delve deeper to understand the vacancy, the wider business operations and what constitutes a good or great hire in the precise context of your business.

Only once we both agree what a great hire looks like do we move onto our three-stage assessment, filtering and verification model.

By starting here, we ensure the right skills for every person we recommend.

Our unique benchmarking system consistently evaluates candidates against your requirements and provides you with meaningful self-assessment summaries and career commentary, straight from the candidate.

Our award-winning quality assurance techniques ensure the performance capability of every hire.

Our industry-leading performance feedback and reputational analysis establishes track records and cultural fit by gathering independent, first-hand accounts and performance data.

Accurately screen more people than ever before and only meet the people that matter.

Our Video CV service is the next generation in talent assessment. Our clients measure technical competencies, verbal reasoning, aptitude and personality, direct from the CV.



of your fee back if we don’t connect you with a good or great hire.

Our unique 12-month commitment means that we only succeed at recruitment when you succeed at hiring. If your people don’t perform, our job isn’t done, so we share the risk of finding you the right person, every time.

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Our methodology works.
99% of Kite hires succeed into year 2.

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