Securing executives in Financial Markets, Real Estate or Blockchain can prove difficult and sensitive due to the collaborative nature of the organisations involved. At Kite, we recognise that in modern search the challenge and subsequent value is less and less in the identification of potential candidates; and more and more in understanding your message and ensuring that all approaches are done so in an appropriate manner. Via a market map of competitor reporting lines, a tailored list of targets and a coordinated approach, we discreetly secure the best people available.

Our service is game changing, including full video profiles for every executive we represent which transform your hiring journey from paper-based decisions to dynamic, real-time, collaborated decision making.

Our Process Has 3 Key Steps

We operate in three carefully defined markets. This allows our network, our relationships 
and our knowledge of top performers to add immediate value to any assignment we undertake. 

What you are looking for and how we will find it

  • Who are the obvious candidates and what is happening in the market?
  • What does your perfect candidate look like? What skills do they have and what is their behavioural profile?
  • What is your message to the market?

Who we have found and how to engage them

  • Who have we found and who is most suitable?
  • A look at the full behavioural analysis for all priority candidates
  • An opportunity to make improvements to your final job description, based on our dialogue with priority candidates

Making your choice and how to secure them

  • Spotting problems early, what do the candidates really think post-interview?
  • Managing expectations and making sure your offer is accepted
  • Ensuring the best outcome for everyone involved



If you've made it this far through the site, you'll have noticed that we talk about quality of person and quality of hire, a lot. Your business leaders own the vision, direction and ultimate success or failure of your company. Identifying, evaluating and attracting the right kind of person – as well as the right skills, is more important than ever in a position this influential


Technology has always been important and we are moving into a time where systems and processes are no longer confined to an out-of-sight location. Mobile apps, social media, CRM engagement, digital marketing and the IOT have brought our technology to the forefront of customer engagement and the ability to get this right is often the make-or-break of a company’s first impression.


As businesses grow and industries evolve, successful change management is key. We have been recruiting leaders in projects & change management for over a decade and are better equipped than any other search business to introduce leaders in this field.


We understand that discretion and accurate messaging are key to any successful assignment. All Search projects are managed by a Company Director and are treated with care and confidentiality. We believe in advising our customers around best practise in any hiring or restructuring initiative. To discuss in more detail please liaise directly with Nathan Fuller, Managing Director.


Our methodology works.
99% of Kite hires succeed into year 2.

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