www.blocktribe.com – Europe’s first dedicated blockchain hiring site

by Daniel Halstead

Recently customers of Kite have been experimenting and innovating with the use of blockchain in Clearing, Exchanges, Broking, Payments and Settlements. Today we are delighted to say that Kite Consulting Group has been working on an innovation of its own, it is with immense pride that we introduce blocktribe.com. Europe’s first dedicated hiring site for the blockchain community.

It was through spending time with our customers and the blockchain community, that it became abundantly clear that many companies, currently providing infrastructure for financial services, had begun evaluating blockchain and already started working with proof of concepts (PoCs) to bring this technology to market. In fact, many projects are moving out PoC in the next few months and the focus of hiring will move away from small innovation teams to large-scale production technology, and business hiring.  

There is a skills shortage in blockchain, distributed ledger technology and DApps that is about to get a lot worse.

It was also clear that both hiring or finding jobs in this market wasn’t easy. Many people passionate about about blockchain technology don’t have much commercial experience yet so they can easily be missed on a less niche job board. This is a frustrating experience for both candidates and hirers. Blocktribe.com will connect the people who are looking to work in this fast-paced and innovative sector by providing them with a  job board aim exclusively at blockchain roles and will also provide posters with an easy way to identify top talent. A win-win for everyone involved.

Kite has a history of providing highly valuable service for its customers through top quality hires and blocktribe.com will continue this philosophy of maximum client value through people.

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