Three Highest Peaks, Fundraising and OPERA Global Youth Foundation

by Daniel Halstead

I was recently invited to an evening event where a man in his early twenties bravely explained to a small room of people the physical, mental and sexual abuse he’d suffered at the hands of his own parents. As a child, he wasn’t allowed to go to school, and was kept a prisoner in his own home so that his abuse would not be exposed. He escaped in his late teens through a local church group. He was charming man, clearly spoken and confident, and he highlighted that we don’t get to choose the environment we’re born into, and that it’s a privilege to grow up in a safe environment, in a home free of physical or sexual abuse, and to be able to attend school.

The legacy of his childhood was that he still couldn’t get a job as he didn’t have a National Insurance number because he had never had a birth certificate, he didn’t have a bank account and couldn’t get one without an identity, and couldn’t afford interview clothes or transport to find work. This is when OPERA Global Youth Foundation steps in. OPERA is a fundraising foundation that supports disadvantaged young people who have had every disadvantage giving them a small bursary for the basics (birth certificate, safety shoes etc.), which are essential in securing a job, so they can begin to build a normal existence, fend for themselves and create independence.

To support one person entirely costs £500. It may sound like lot, but circa 90% of the people funded are still in employment after 12 months, paying their own way, building a life and contributing to society.

I REALLY do not like walking, I prefer to drive, cycle or even run, but next weekend I’m choosing to walk the highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales in one day, 6am on Saturday morning to 7am on Sunday morning.

As part of a team from Kite we will be walking up mountains to raise funds. We have seen this charity’s work first hand, and want to support their work as much as we can.

Please support this charity if it resonates with you. If you can afford only £5 for this charity then every little will help.

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